Leaf + Shoot - Bioactive Worm Boost 2L

Leaf + Shoot - Bioactive Worm Boost 2L

2L Bioactive Worm Boost
100% Bio active worm boost, pure worm casting mix made from recycled paper/card, plant waste, coffee grounds, wood ash. Meant as an additive to pots and a general soil enlivener. Packed with micro biology for increased plant health, root growth and nutrient up take.
All our soil mixes, contain sustainable versions of existing soil mix components. Sourced locally where we can and mixed at the farm and with our very own compost from the worm farm.

About LEAF + SHOOT -
"Hi, I'm Luke and I moved to Sheffield to start my company feeling it was the perfect place, with its truly independent business scene, spirit of collaboration and genuine affinity for green thinking. LEAF + SHOOT is a bioponic vertical farm in Kelham Island, we produce leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, houseplants, soil and our own feed making us the only self sufficient underground farm in the world. The whole focus of the business is to create a completely sustainable model for high intensity, hyper local, organic urban hydroponic farms.

We use traditional hydroponic methods in our own designed and hand built systems to grow super nutrient dense food all year round. We use organic cycling (composting and worm farms) methods that mimic the natural processes of permaculture
to recycle cardboard, paper, food waste, wood ash, coffee grounds and other inputs to make our bio active soil mixes and feed that we use to power growth in our farm.

Everything we grow has no pesticide, herbicide, chemicals or fertilizer in its production and all energy we use is offset through an ethical carbon fund. We don’t pour away any water so we don’t contribute to agricultural run off and we recycle all of our waste."