Millie Rothera - 'Multicolour Play' Tote Bag

  • Millie Rothera - 'Multicolour Play' Tote Bag

Multicolour Play Tote - Inspired by the idea of bringing play into everyday life, the Multicolour Play print featuring circles, checks, stripes and hand drawn texture to brighten up your desk or make up table. This bag also features two inside pockets, one perfect for your phone and the other ideal for keeping small loose items like your keys, lip balm, mints (the list goes on), close to hand.

Bag measuring 39cm x 32cm
Length including straps 75cm
Inside pockets measure 11.5cm x 14cm and 26cm x13.5cm

Ideal for adding pops of colour and pattern to simple outfits, or to coordinate with your weekly shop. As this bag is hand made with natural linen it is also super sustainable

About Milllie -
Print designer with a passion for screen printing and the hand crafted, with a heavy focus on bringing colour and pattern into the home and work around you!