Minimum - Restoring Face Oil

Minimum - Restoring Face Oil
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Restoring Face Oil 30ml

A little face cuddle when feeling like you look a bit drained. One customer described it as ‘giving the colour back to your face’. We like that – it’s a little pick me up.
Containing rose geranium and frankincense essential oils for added nourishment and which also provide a scrummy scent.

About Minimum -
"Founded by me, Emma, when I couldn’t find what I wanted to use. Cliché? Maybe. But with a masters and PhD in chemistry, I was in a pretty good place to have a proper go. After my PhD I went into teaching chemistry, and during 2017 I started making my own products, going back to the most basic chemical principles. I’ve always been an experimenter, and eventually I got my cleanser right. My friends started asking me what I was using on my skin – I ended up making some for them. Their (overwhelmingly) positive response then prompted the formation of Minimum.

We are not in the habit of telling anyone what to do. All we want is to make skincare less complicated because it’s easy to get carried away and think you need a cupboard full of lotions and potions.

What we do at Minimum is just keep it basic. Gentle products made from a minimal number of plant-based ingredients, that will clean and moisturise your skin. No claims.

All we want to do is get people looking after their skin a bit better. Sometimes less truly is more, and that’s often the case with skincare. It’s all too easy to get carried away with the hype and end up damaging your skin barrier - red, pink, itchy, stinging? Yep, your barrier is probably damaged!"