Spritz Cocktail Set

  • Spritz Cocktail Set
  • Spritz Cocktail Set

Get 6 little glass bottles filled with some of our favourite spirits and 2 bottles of delicious gran cesta brut fizz to make 12 sparkling cocktails!

You will have enough to make 12 sparkling cocktails which include:
- Kir Royale - Creme de mure
- French 75 - Gin and Lemon
- Aperol Spritz - Aperol
- Negroni Spagliato - Campari and Vermouth Rosso
- Peach Bellini - Creme de Peche
- Air Mail - Rum, Honey and Lime

These are perfect to enjoy with your favourite people or to send straight to your loved ones as a thoughtful gift!

- Deliveries only to Sheffield postcodes
- Please send any enquiries to: georgie@kommune.co.uk
- Get in touch to enquire about delivery on weekdays