The Complete Kommune Gin Infusion Set & Studio Djarv Lightbox

The perfect kit for the gin lover! 😍 This incredible kit has everything you need to infuse your own flavoured gins however you like with step by step guides, flavour recommendations and lots of gin, fruit, herbs and botanicals PLUS a gorgeous 'Fancy a Slice' Studio Djarv Lightbox, so you can be the botanist!

For a limited time we're also giving away a FREE £5 Kommune voucher with every purchase this kit!

What does this kit include?
- A delicious bottle of one of our favourite staple gins, Bulldog! This London dry is a perfect base for you to infuse with fruits, botanicals and herbs to make this gin your own
- Filters to strain out the fruits and botanicals in your gin when it's finished infusing so it's ready for enjoying!
- Fresh fruits for garnish
- Instructions on how this kit works including recommendations on flavour pairings
- All 3 of our infusion kits 'Pink', 'Tropical' and 'Botanical'. This gives you the freedom to really experiment with flavours and tailor them to your favourite tastes or try something new!

🍓 The 'Pink' Kit
~ pink peppercorns
~ freeze dried strawberries
~ freeze dried raspberries

🍍 The 'Tropical' Kit
~ freeze dried pear
~ freeze dried pineapple
~ freeze dried mango

🌸 The 'Botanical' Kit
~ freeze dried apple
~ fresh rosemary
~ juniper berries

🌟 Studio Djarv Fancy a Slice Lightbox
This set includes a wonderful custom design Studio Djarv Lightbox which has been hand crafted in Sheffield.
- Mains powered and 2m black fabric cable with on/off switch
- Fitted with excellent quality light fitting including 12W 130V LED bulb
- 200 x 200 x 110mm

- We now deliver nationwide
- Please send any enquiries to: